In Twenty Days


“In twenty days, the crowded Earth became as empty as Mars.

In this time, the moon became blood, and the sand became red. 

For the one I knew so well,  became the one I know no more. 

The thoughts I used to daily think, are now the thoughts I think no more.

The feelings I used to dwell on, are now the things I feel no more.

The plans we then did make, are plans I have no more.

For in just twenty days, the population of earth was traded for the wild storms of Mars.

The false comfort of ‘friendship’ turned into the 

Magnificent brilliance and hum of a truly silent planet.”

~By Sandra C. Obiora (Written 23.10.17)


2 thoughts on “In Twenty Days”

  1. Every time when I am reading your poet, I feel like I am not reading the poem itself but I am reading you, your thoughts, your mindset, your intuitive talent and your sensations! My understanding of this is that when the world comes to an end, nothing else matters but friendship, which will transform into a different form with warmth and light.

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    1. Wow Cola! Your translation is so different from what i had in mind! ~ i was actually trying to portray the end of a good friendship. How things changed so much in the space of 20 days. Read it again and tell me what you feel this time! Now i am reading it again and i am also seeing your meaning! Poetry is life!

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