Life Stages

~ Poem by Sandra C. Obiora (28.05.2018) ~

Today, I wished dearly for time to pause.

I yearned earnestly for just this cause.

That I may simply hold onto this quickly passing moment.

If only to make it slower, to grab a hold of it and shout, Pause!

I have realized that we are never truly satisfied with any one stage. We must evolve.

And so I ask myself.

โ€˜What have I achieved this year, last year? These last few years?โ€™

I can say I have achieved plenty.

In fact, plenty is an understatement.

However, plenty is an overstatement.

And so I give all glory to my Father in Heaven. The one and only true God.

For in these years I have met many, celebrated many, I also have also been celebrated by many.

I have recognized the face of opportunity; I have kissed it, I have hugged it, I have refused to let it go.

Now I realize that I cannot rewind to the past.

Now I believe that time flies by fast.

Yesterday is gone, today is far spent, and tomorrow is right here.

Still, even if my heart chooses to waver, I shall never fear.

For life occurs at different ages and stages.

And in no time, we wind up with so many pages.

Each line you find within is a day that soon ends.

Each page added within

Creates chapters and a book that never bends.

woman jump on body of water

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